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AS3 Full Browser Background Image

Fairly simple ActionScript 3 implementation of a full browser background image.

Class Features

Supports minimum scale size, which if set, will clip rather than scale the image if the stage is resized below this point
Dispatches a Loaded and Loading Event
Supports a removal event

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Here is an example;

Source Files
Here are the relevant source file; ActionScript 3 Full Browser Background Files

Class uses tweenLite for alpha fade. This is one line, and is easy to remove.


Actionscript 3 class zip library FZip

FZip is a cute little Actionscript 3 class library,that enables you to load standard ZIP archives and extract contained files while the archive is still loading,modifying,and creating standard ZIP archives. It parses ZIP archives progressively, allowing access to contained files while the archive is loading.

To download source: